About Damn Time

So I’ve finally made a blog post. I’ve joked since (checks watch) 2009 that my old livejournal account was my deadjournal. In fairness I never intended for that to become a blog anyway, I only created the account to post a comment on some other writer’s livejournal (A GRRM fellow, you may have heard of him, George something or other, I think).

Since I spent the afternoon discussing promotional and marketing ideas for THUNDER ROAD with my publisher it felt apropos to get off my duff and start dealing with website issues. My main website issue of course, being that I don’t have one.

All in good time.

There’s so much to get done before my book releases in the fall. I think THUNDER ROAD will prove an exhilarating (and exhausting) road.

For now, first post done. I’ll try to keep it from being three years until the next one.