Maybe because today is Wednesday, and for a certain subset of the populace (and yes I’m one of them) that means only one thing: New Comic Book Day, I’ve decided to write about comics.

I credit (or blame depending on the day; those days usually coincide with reorganizing my books) comic books for my love of reading. I’ve been buying them ever since I could string sentences together. Until I stopped. It was after University sometime, it’s hard to pinpoint when exactly (the brain she goes when one hits the sunset–post-twenty–years) or why (though the 90s boom and bust and multiple (and shiny) covers are likely suspects). I kept READING comics, either borrowed from friends or at work where they came bundled up in nice and tidy story arcs as “graphic novels”. I even got interviewed on radio station CJOB by Larry Updike about the topic of comics and graphic novels. I just didn’t collect them anymore.

Then DC Comics decided to relaunch their entire universe. 52 titles (why 52, there’s an arcane reason that probably won’t make any sense unless you already know the answer–like the rules of cricket). This New 52 got me back into comics in a big way. I never really went away, but I hovered around the edges of the party (hopping from one limited series to another, mostly), dipping in deeper every now and again to sample the spread.

And then showing up all in the span of one month were Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E., I, Vampire, a new Swamp Thing.  This new DCU was balls out full of weird (the really weird thing is I was ALWAYS a Marvel guy, maybe more on that in another blog) and I like weird. And just like that I was back in. I carefully chose my titles so that I have a reason to visit my local comic store every week. The last time I was this excited to hit the LCS was when Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon launched Preacher.

And yes, there were some atrocious books, (Hawk & Dove, Red Hood and the Outlaws, I’m looking at you…) but from the initial titles I picked, I wasn’t disappointed in any of them. It seems I’ve been adding, not dropping titles almost every week I roll in to pick up my pull list.

Freshly back from my neighbourhood shop with Swamp Thing issue #6, (among others) I can’t believe how long I have to wait until NEXT Wednesday…

(I think my next blog should be about parentheses (and their overuse).)

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  1. Then you’ll be happy to hear I’m planning on thinning out my comic trade collection again. 🙂 I think you might dig some of the stuff I’ve been collecting. Wonder Woman, Batwoman and Birds of Prey are all great superhero books. Wolverine and the X-Men is the first X book I’ve bothered with in years.

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