So I’ve added an “Appearances” page to the site.

This is a huge step for me. Not because I actually have appearances, but because I’m telling potential strangers where I will be.

In university I played an odd avoid the assassin game. My roommate at the time insisted that no one was trying to kill me (or maybe it was that no one would bother to hire anyone to do the deed (after a jellybean incident, I became worried he was trying to lull me into a false sense of security, having taken on the job himself)). Nevertheless, I walked home a different way from class everyday just in case, never sat with my back to a window or towards the middle of a restaurant if I could help it, and avoided matched cutlery (could have been dusted with nefarious contact poisons that only worked when knife and fork combined to cut my meal)*.

If you’re not inclined to follow links, the details are below (that my friends, is how one pads a blog post before going to work):

Once Thunder Road has an official release date, this space should fill up some. If you’re reading this, I want to see you. Here’s where you can find me wearing my writer’s hat.

Keycon 29 (Winnipeg) My home con! I love Keycon and this year’s con is shaping up to be another good one. I’ll probably be doing some programming, maybe a reading or a panel or two.

When Words Collide 2012 (Calgary) I can’t wait to get back to Calgary and visit all my Alberta writing pals. The inaugural When Words Collide was one of the best convention experiences I’ve had.

World Fantasy Convention 2012 (Toronto) Many folks prefer Worldcon for the total fan experience. For myself, not being a costumer or huge into the media side of things, World Fantasy is the pinnacle of SF&F conventions, it’s all about the books and authors. I’ve made some great friends at WFCs past, and have no doubt WFC Toronto will be any different. Even better, Thunder Road will be out!

* Yes, I really did this. No, I didn’t believe it.

3 thoughts on “Appearances

  1. I believe I was the one who instigated the “walk a different route every day” idea. Even so, you took it a good distance further: contact poisons indeed, well done. (Nice use of a link to my mention of the Jellybean Incident, too. Note that I capitalize your heinous crime, hinting that perhaps not all is forgiven.)

  2. Geez, you sound like Vlad Taltos… You know what would be cool? Adding a Google map to show where you’ll be. To avoid assassins, just enter by the back door to any place you’ve marked and take out the most suspicious person in the room.

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