Self Promotion Woes

Once again the nomination period for the Prix Aurora Awards has come and gone. You turned in a ballot, didn’t you? You did? Good.

It was interesting to see how my feelings about the awards were amplified this year, what with my having a few dogs in the hunt (one short story, two book reviews). The Auroras make me think of promotion more than other awards because they are voted on by the fans, and so if you can get your work out there, you’ve got a shot.

I hope that I wasn’t obnoxious with promoting my eligible works, if I was, what do you want from me? It was my first short story sale! But seriously, I’m still coming to grips with pimping my work. The bookseller in me is all too happy to get up on his soapbox and holler for everyone else’s stuff, but somehow falls silent when it’s my own.

No, I didn’t nominate my own story, I read far too much good short fiction this year to throw a story under the ballot bus for the slim possibility that I could make the short list. Maybe if the Prix Aurora ballot had five spots rather than three…I might have caved to the pressure. I’ve been told I’m shooting myself in the foot, that the voting and nominating pool is small enough that one vote can make a difference, that if I don’t believe in my story, why should anyone else? Of course I believe in my story. If I didn’t, I would never have finished drafting it, let alone revising and submitting it.

I know that when the fall arrives and Thunder Road releases I’m going to need to suck it up and step it up a notch. There will be readings, conventions, and (I’m hoping) interviews and press. As an introvert, this is a little terrifying. Push too little and my book will disappear. Push too hard and suddenly I’m that guy (you know the one).

I don’t want to be that guy.

So I’ll try and find a balance and I’ll try to have fun.

And if that guy shows up on my blog, you’ll let me know right?

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    • That would be great, thanks! When I have more concrete timeline for Thunder Road’s release date I’ll let you know. Much appreciated! When your novel sells you are welcome to do a blog stop on my site too.

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