Parnassus Unbound

I’ve been hanging on to this news for a while now, but Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy has a listing of the contributors for Tesseracts 16: Parnassus Unbound here, so now you get to know too:

I’m in!

Editor Mark Leslie bought my story “Back in Black.” Parnassus Unbound is speculative fiction inspired by literature, music, art and culture. I rolled the dice hoping Mark wouldn’t be put off by a story about an obsessed AC/DC collector. It’s a story I had been looking for an excuse to write for a long time, so thank you Mark and Edge, for the opportunity.

I’ve also wanted to land a story in Tesseracts for as long as I’ve been writing. This is definitely a milestone I had set for myself. What makes the news even sweeter is that I get to share a table of contents with so many friends I’ve made over the last several years.

Write on!