An Embarassment of Riches, and Some Notes on Blind Spots and Deadlines

The CanSpec list is looking for any Prix Aurora eligible works before the end of the nomination deadline: April 15th.

The Can Spec Fic List

With about three weeks to go before the nomination deadline for the 2012 Aurora Awards closes, there’s still time to finalize your choices and send them off if you haven’t already sent in your nominating ballot. This, assuming that, like me, you leave doing this to the last minute.

Making final decisions is no easy task this year given the body of work to choose from. And, of course, since the list here isn’t complete, there’s so much more out there that you could potentially be nominating than is readily apparent if you’re just going by what’s up on the CSFL.

And I do feel badly about that because for all the work I, and everyone who has contributed information to this list, have done, the list does still have some noticeable gaps. They’re more evident in some categories than others, and those gaps largely relate to aspects of the…

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