THIN AIR Anticipation Blog

THIN AIR, the Winnipeg International Writers Festival is fast approaching! It kicks off on Friday, in fact. I had a fantastic time as one of the festival’s guests last year, and am very much looking forward to taking in this year’s celebration of reading and writing as a member of the audience (If anyone out there wants to go into work for me, and take care of some of my deadlines so that I can see more of the festival, that would be lovely).

Here’s a few of the events that I’m particularly looking forward to:

A Pint of Bitter Murder: An excellent tradition at THIN AIR: readings and conversation featuring top mystery and crime fiction authors. This year, Winnipeg’s own C.C. Benison is joined by Gail Bowen at the Park Theatre.

Voices From Oodena: The Oodena story circle is my favourite place in Winnipeg. It’s an architectural wonder that doesn’t look like it belongs in this world (perfect for a fantasy writer!) and so this event has always held a special place in my heart. Oodena is a natural amphitheatre at The Forks, it really does lend itself to a magical night. Don’t miss Robert Malo, David McLeod, Colleen Nelson, John K. Samson, and John Weier.

Afternoon Book Chat With Andrew Kaufman & Lauren B. Davis: To be fair I probably won’t be able to make it to this one, I have to work, but I’d love to go. It looks like a great pairing and Charlene Diehl, Director of THIN AIR, is an insightful moderator.

Tuesday Mainstage: Changing the Family Channel: This evening features Lauren B. Davis, Andrew Kaufman, Ann Shin and Cassie Stocks. I’ve been hearing great things about Lauren B. Davis’ novel The Empty Room and I’ve recently heard that one of my very favourite publishers (the ever awesome and weird ChiZine Publications) has picked up the US rights to Lauren’s debut fantasy novel, Orphans! In Canada Orphans will be published by Harper Collins, and man… seventh-century Anglo-Saxon Northumbria, where Christianity clashes with the Old Religion and faith and magic are at war?



I’m hoping to tease some more details from her after her reading.

Friday Mainstage: Revelations: This evening features Daniel Canty, Lauren Carter, Dennis Cooley, Andrew Pyper and Lucie Wilk. Lauren Carter’s Swarm jumped out at me immediately when I saw it in a catalogue. Looks beautiful, sounds cool and I’m always happy to see another Manitoban writing Spec Fic!

The Writing Craft: Andrew Pyper-Getting Started: The Six Ingredients You Need Before Writing Your Novel: As a committed pantser, I’m planning on checking this out to see if there’s anything that I can translate from Pyper’s “pre-writing” process to my own.

I’ve also enjoyed pretty much every one of the Big Ideas series I’ve ever attended, so do check those out too!

Write on!