Kaiju Rising (Or: I Now Know How I’m Going To Die)

To say I’m a little excited about this:


might be the understatement of the year.

This is the cover for the Ragnarok Publications anthology, Kaiju Rising (illustrated by Bob Eggleton). Not only are there some authors that I really enjoy reading in this collection, I am in the book too…in a manner of speaking.

How, you ask?

I die in Manchester, in David Annandale’s story, “The Conversion”.

I supported this project on Kickstarter, and a couple of the perks were to be “redshirted” or to have the city of your choice destroyed. My first inclination was to have David destroy Winnipeg. Unfortunately, while I considered the smoking end of the Jubilee Underpass and the train tracks that cut through my bus route, someone beat me to the punch, so it’s Manchester that’s left in ruins, not River City.

Here’s my killer: The Eschaton (Art by the insanely talented Chuck Lukacs).

The Conversion

My backer’s ebook arrived recently, and I naturally had to sate my morbid curiosity about my own end first (delayed gratification is not one of my strong suits). I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, but “The Conversion” reads like the bastard love-child of Annandale’s brilliant horror novel, Gethsemane Hall and the nihilistic action of his Warhammer 40000 work. So needless to say, I loved the story!

Thanks for the great story, David! I’ve always wanted to visit England!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some more kaiju stories to read…