Yesterday Was Ragnarök, But We’re Still Here. Time For A Contest!


Surtur did not crack the sky with his flaming sword. The sooty cock of Hel did not crow. And while we here on the Canadian prairies are still stuck in the depths of Fimbulwinter, I’ve been seeing signs of spring elsewhere.

So I guess that means the apocalypse didn’t come.

Time to celebrate!

Drinking Horn

I’m going to give away a couple of autographed books. How do you win them? Simple!

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Do any (or hey, all of them, why not improve your chances?) and you will be entered in a draw for an autographed copy of Thunder Road and Tombstone Blues. If you have already done all of those things, and own the books, thank you! There’s also something in this contest for you. If you help promote the contest on your social media feeds, I’ll send you a fun bag of Thunder Road related swag.

Write on!

Contest runs until March 23rd.

2 thoughts on “Yesterday Was Ragnarök, But We’re Still Here. Time For A Contest!

  1. TR Fb page, liked. Twitter and tumblr, followed. GoodReads bookshelves, updated. I have a copy of TR, but it’s lonely. Please consider me entered in your contest, and know that I’d be just as thrilled with swag. Thanks for a great read!

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