Music Monday: “Everything Is Awesome” By Tegan And Sara (Featuring The Lonely Island)

This song was not what I was expecting to post earlier last week, and maybe not the best choice for a dreary Monday in Winnipeg featuring the return of goddamned snow, but as the week went on, I found myself getting more and more excited about a family get together involving some childhood Lego…so you can see how we ended up here.

Embarrassing as it may be to admit, the Lego movie really worked on me. It worked on several levels. Certainly the nostalgia factor was at play, Lego was one of my favourite childhood toys. My old Lego (especially my Legoland Space sets) is the only toy I regret not still having in my possession.

How well did the Lego movie work on me? On the day the movie released on DVD, I ran out and bought some Lego to play with while I watched it again.

I love that there are Lego versions of movie trailers. I love that there is Lego for whatever my nerdy obsession might be (Star Wars, Marvel Comics, Ghostbusters…everything gets the Lego treatment these days). I love that there are tons of Lego videos floating around on Youtube. I wish I had the patience (and enough Lego, to make one myself).

There has been some talk (instigated mostly by me) of getting Wendy and her sister to divvy up their childhood Lego. I joked that I should be entitled to a third of it, no such luck. Anyway, I got to sit in while the two of them dumped this box out on the floor in order to begin the division of New Bricksburg.


It didn’t look like that much, heaped in this box–until we dumped it out and started to separate the pieces.


Everybody sorted into their own bins by colour and weirdness.


Even the old catalogue hit me right in the nostalgia feels. I could point out exactly which sets I’d had. Damn, I miss Legoland Space. Have I mentioned that I miss Legoland Space?



Which brings us to the real point of the post: this week’s earworm!

Everything is Awesome might not be my favourite song, but it is fun and catchy, and I was definitely caught humming it to myself a time or two, as anticipation grew for Lego night. So this was what was stuck in my head. How about you?

Build high!

Write on!


2 thoughts on “Music Monday: “Everything Is Awesome” By Tegan And Sara (Featuring The Lonely Island)

  1. Damn you for posting a youtube link to that song!!!

    Now we’ve got it playing in the background and we’re all kind of dancing around (ok, hubby is still *trying* to work). And nope, none of us are under 18 (the kid is 19).

  2. I have to buy the movie. We sometimes hum it at work in an ironic sort of way. 😉

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