Music Monday: “Pink Flamingos” By The Electric Six

I almost picked “Build High” by the Pixies for today–as I’m still dealing with replacing my backyard fence–but instead I thought I’d take a different route to a song that might reference home improvement…


(And I would totally do this in my yard, given opportunity and my own dinosaur.)

Anyway, I  hope your Labour Day is labour free, and enjoy some Electric Six!

And they never fly away
In my front yard they stay
And, you know, baby
I sometimes find it odd
You’ve got to climb the statue of the demon to get closer to God!

Write on!

2 thoughts on “Music Monday: “Pink Flamingos” By The Electric Six

  1. Two things:

    1) I have never heard of Electric Six, but apparently I’m now hooked.
    2) It’s probably better that your reno efforts don’t line up with this song instead:

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