Music Monday: “Apocalyptic Modified Blues” By Corb Lund

Shortly after the launch of Thunder Road, my Brandon writing colleague, Patrick Johanneson suggested that I check out Corb Lund–in particular this song, but “it’s all good,” he said. And was he ever right.

Corb Lund has a few songs that reference vikings, or mythological things, but this was the first one that made it on to one of my playlists. The thing I love most about Corb Lund’s music is that in addition to being incredibly catchy, so many of his songs tell stories. It was only recently, after rewatching the movie Slither that I realized I had heard Lund’s music–but I doubt I would’ve sought him out to the extent that I have without Patrick’s urging, so thank you, sir!

Gather round me all you sinners, all you gamblers and card sharps
You drinkers and abusers, all you fighters at your hearts
You might pay heed…
Cuz ain’t nothin’ ever walked the earth like this before

Have you made your peace with Odin and with Baal and Aphrodite
Cuz there’s a triple headed serpent here with one hell of a bite
And he knows you…
He knows you and laughs and locks the door

Write on!

1 thought on “Music Monday: “Apocalyptic Modified Blues” By Corb Lund

  1. Yeah, I love the fact that Corb Lund tells stories in a large part of his oeuvre. Also, if you haven’t had the pleasure, may I recommend* the smalls as well. Particularly fine are these two tunes:

    What I Need to Carry On

    Pity the Man with the Fast Right Hand


    * You know, if I haven’t already recommended them.

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