Music Monday: “Everybody Wants The Same Thing” By Scissor Sisters

Home again after a whirlwind two weeks on the road. My first week back to normality as I caught up on everything I’d missed was about as far from normal as possible.

Table Flip (Thor edition)

(Artistic representation of last week)

But…made it through. Here’s one of the songs that helped.

If you’re waiting for your wings but you just got legs
And you’re feeding all your chickens but they won’t lay eggs
When you open up your drawers and see your janky clothes
Just remember life’s in love with you but let’s suppose
That God ain’t gonna drop you no hundred dollar bill
You’re got to question your intentions
‘Cause the bad ones kill

Everybody wants the same thing
Everybody wants the same thing
No trading places on the chain gang
It doesn’t matter how you swing it
Everybody wants the same thing

Write on!