Thirteen (In A Row)!

Today is my thirteenth anniversary with a very special lady.

Wendy and I met in a bookstore (of course) and made plans for our first date at the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix midnight release party. I was dressed as Professor Snape and she was a mysterious witch in a shiny cloak. We didn’t know it was a date at the time, and many of our friends realized we were a couple before we did. Every day we’ve been together it’s felt like we’ve known each other a thousand years and had just met at the same time. And as we’ve each vowed to turn the other should one of us become a vampire, maybe we’ll get those thousand years yet.spike and drusilla

I don’t talk about her online as much as she deserves, but Wendy’s a private person, not on social media, and remarkably camera shy for such a beautiful person. So, I’ve provided an artistic retrospective of our time together for those who are interested:



chili boots Foxes


Girl and Squid Homer-Space-Coyote KISS

I love you, Wendy.