New Thunder Road Fan Art!

An old friend just sent me this:

ted_attack_v021 by Jeff Nadwidny

(Ted Callan fighting Surtur in Flin Flon, from a scene in Thunder Road. Art by Jeff Nadwidny.)

I knew Jeff had been working on it, and knowing his skills, I couldn’t wait to see the final image. So cool! I especially love the way Jeff decided to represent Mjölnir and how he linked the hammer to Ted’s storm cloud tattoo.


Short Story Sale!

Sold my first story of 2017!

The contract is signed, and I’ve seen other folks announcing their success as well, so here goes:

You’ll find my story, “Scatter the Foals to the Wind” in Equus, edited by Rhonda Parrish!


This is another Thunder Road ‘verse story, but I don’t want to say much more than that at the moment, other than my story is fantasy and involves horses. Let the speculation begin!

Write on!

Music Monday: Monster Truck – The Lion

I don’t listen to the radio much, usually I prefer mixes of my own creation, but in the depths of a recent cold snap my CD player was being a bit of a jerk, and so I came across two songs by Monster Truck. I’ve been listening to them almost non-stop ever since.

I love when serendipity collides between my writing and music in the background. I’m pretty sure the ending of Thunder Road would’ve turned out differently if the randomizer hadn’t brought up AC/DC’s “If You Want Blood (You Got It)” at the precise moment I started writing the finale. A lot of Monster Truck’s music would fit right in on a Thunder Road soundtrack, and one in particular inspired me to start writing a short story featuring one of my Graveyard Mind characters, so it’ll probably be a long while before they’re out of rotation.

I’m down, but I’m not defeated.
So long, I’ve been feeling this way.
I’m down, but I’m not defeated.
A new life, starts today.

Write on!

Music Monday: “Lawyers, Guns & Money” By Warren Zevon

It’s barely a week into January and I can already feel this winter starting to get to me. I’ve run out of places to pile snow and there’s no break to the cold in the current forecast. At least the days are getting longer. In the meantime, a little Zevon is always good.

Now I’m hiding in Honduras
I’m a desperate man
Send lawyers, guns and money
The shit has hit the fan

Write on!

New Year, New Goals: 2017 Edition

How’d 2016 go?

Now’s the time to check back in with those yearly goals:

  • Systematic finishing of the short stories I’ve started writing but not finished. I would like to get at least six new stories out the door this year.
  • Draft, revise, and submit an entirely new novel.
  • Complete first draft on An Excuse for Wolves.
  • Revise 2015 WiP for submission to agents and editors.
  • Keep my short fiction out on submission.

Stretch goals!

  • Edit one of my fallow novel first drafts.
  • Participate in NaNoWriMo

And for December:

  • Finish my WiP novel
  • Clean and organize my office. (One of these years this won’t be necessary)
  • Finish a chapter of An Excuse for Whiskey
  • Finish revisions on three short stories, so that I hit my 6 new stories goal for the year

Well, December didn’t go as planned (nor 2016 as a whole, amiright?) I did spend what feels like a significant portion of my December shoveling, but still, I’d hoped to do better.

The WiP didn’t cooperate, many moving parts led to me feeling like I was treading water for most of the month, but I do feel I’ve got things in order now, and so the last scenes I was waiting on writing/revising should be done soon.

I didn’t do a holiday-themed Thunder Road story this year, which, while it wasn’t one of my goals this year, was not for lack of trying. The first one didn’t work, the second I liked, but I didn’t have time to revise to my satisfaction, and a third–well I finally figured out how to do the story I’ve wanted to tell since I set out to write “While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks” so hopefully you’ll get to see that one next year. I wrote this story on the bus, or when I should’ve been sleeping because the damned Yule Lads wouldn’t stop harrassing me.

Here’s what my year in writing looked like, thanks again to Jamie Todd Rubin, from whom I poached this template:


In 2015, the first year I used this simple spreadsheet to track my words, I vowed to write every day, and I did that. For 2016, I didn’t concern myself with the “write something everyday”, so much as trying to finish projects. This led to quite a few thousand less words as I spend more time editing than drafting. But that’s okay. I finished revising a novel, submitted (and sold) it. I started another novel end of March, and finished my discovery draft early in May. Outside of the final polish of Graveyard Mind over the summer, most of the rest of 2016 was spent revising that beast. I can’t say much about the book yet, but it’s close to getting done. So close that I wish I would’ve started it in February instead of March, but hey, as a wise man once said:


Codename: An Excuse for Wolves/Whiskey didn’t get finished but we got close to a first draft, more because of me than Sandra; deadlines kept me away from the book from August to November. I’m waiting to get the next chapter back from Sandra before I dive back in, but we’re definitely closing in on the book’s climax.

The big news of 2016 was that I sold Graveyard Mind to ChiZine Publications, and you’ll be able to read it in October 2018!

On the short story front: my story “Midnight Man versus Doctor Death” appeared in Tesseracts Nineteen: Superhero Universe, and “A Door in the Rock” appeared in Those Who Make Us: Canadian Creature, Myth, and Monster Stories. I’m quite proud of both tales. Midnight Man is tangentially related to the world of Graveyard Mind, and A Door in the Rock is set in the Thunder Road ‘verse. I’m stoked for digging deeper into the world of Graveyard Mind, and of course, I’m still enjoying fleshing out corners of Thunder Road.

I revised or completed three old stories for submission, drafted two new stories that are ready for submission after one more round of revisions, and submitted a brand new story. I also spend time revising one other story, and a novella that I couldn’t quite get to the point where I was content to let other eyes see them. Very close to hitting my short story goals for the year, despite my novel focus.

2016 saw me attend quite a few events–more than 2015 for sure. I tried a number of cons and festivals for the first time. Returned to a bunch more. Creative Ink Festival was definitely a highlight. Plus, I got to meet Galen Dara and Carrie Vaughn, and both of whom were awesome!

I got to do a bunch of business with friends!


Clare Marshall designed my new convention banner:


Samantha Beiko and I did a comic together, (Mythfits!):


and Sam also helped GMB Chomichuk, James Gillespie, Jonathan Ball and me put together Shared World Volume 2!


And! Kevin Madison did another Thunder Road image and a character design for Midnight Man!



Check out that Kirby Crackle! One of these days I’m going to write a story about how Ted ended up in this situation, which will be a neat reversal of Kevin illustrating my words more directly.

Midnight Man!


I really need to write another story about this guy, ’cause I love the loony bugger.

Samantha and I had a busy and fun year with ChiSeries: Winnipeg and I’m looking forward to 2017 being the same. Between readings, workshops, and panels, we hosted seven events in 2016. Pretty good for a reading series that’s supposed to be quarterly. If you haven’t checked us out, I hope to see you at one of our forthcoming events.

All said and done, I feel pretty good about my creative 2016. I would’ve liked to have written more words, finished more stories, finished more books, and gone to more conventions, but that is always going to be the case.

What’s on deck for 2017?

  • Write, revise, and submit a book within the 2017 calendar year.
  • Keep my short fiction out on submission.
  • Complete first draft of An Excuse for Whiskey.
  • Systematic finishing of the short stories I’ve started writing but not finished. I would like to get at least six new stories out the door this year.
  • Plan out a sequel to Graveyard Mind

Stretch Goals for 2017:

  • Edit one of my fallow novel first drafts.
  • Participate in NaNoWriMo.
  • Write a few comic scripts.

For January:

  • Finish and submit my 2016 book, which came close, but was not quite ready to submit.
  • Keep my short fiction on submission.
  • Finish revisions on one new story and submit it.

That’s gotta be enough!

Write on!