March Goals

What the hell happened to February?

I had my head down for so much of the month that I didn’t get around to posting my goals, but I was still working away at them.

For January/February:

  • Finish and submit my 2016 book, which came close, but was not quite ready to submit.
  • Keep my short fiction on submission.
  • Finish revisions on one new story and submit it.

Okay, it took me two months to finish that first goal, but it’s done, submitted, and awaiting feedback from my editor. The novel in question was not only my shortest to date (84K; for comparision, Thunder Road was around 95K when I submitted it, Tombstone Blues 105K, and Too Far Gone was 135K. All of those lengths changed a bit–Too Far Gone the most drastically, with a pub length of 115K) it was also the fastest I’ve ever gotten a novel into submission shape. While I didn’t hit my goal of submitting the novel in the calendar year of 2016, it took me just under 11 months to actually write and revise the book once I got down to the writing. And considering I took a few months off in the summer to finish revising Graveyard Mind, I feel better about my chances of finishing the book I start this year within the bounds of 2017.

The short story I finished revising and then submitted, sold to an anthology. I’ll talk more about it when the contract is signed, and the editors announce more details. I will say it’s another Thunder Road ‘verse story. Pretty excited to see my second sale of 2017 so early in the year.

And for March:

  • Finish outlining my next novel and start writing it maybe?
  • Now that I’ve changed my Thunder Road Facebook page to a more general author page, I want to start developing a social media calendar. It won’t likely involve autoposts, I hate those, but I do need some sort of plan.
  • Finish a new chapter for An Excuse for Whiskey
  • Get a new short story to my writing group for critique

Write on!