April Goals

How’d I do in March?

  • Separate IP from that work-for-hire project, which means a reread and LOTS of notes to write, and forms to fill out
  • Finish final round of substantive edits for Graveyard Mind (already done!)
  • Finish drafting a new short story
  • Submit a story to On Spec
  • Start arranging book launch and tour details for Graveyard Mind

I got some of my IP work done, but not all. The unwritten pitches are close to being ready to send in to the publisher, but the novel that was actually submitted needs to undergo a full rewrite stripping any of their IP before they’ll sign off on me being able to submit it elsewhere. I hadn’t really planned on revising that book this year, I wanted to finish the sequel to Graveyard Mind first, but I also really want this line item to be off my plate.

After I turned in the final round of substantive edits for Graveyard Mind, the proofreader notes showed up hot on their heels. I don’t know why those minor changes make me sweat more than dealing with the big stuff, but they do. Probably because each step brings me closer to not being able to make any changes. Shortly after those were done, ChiZine had Graveyard Mind laid out, so my page proofs arrived. Got those done too.

While I didn’t finish the new story, I did have one I haven’t submitted to On Spec yet, so I got something in to them, at least. I also booked Graveyard Mind launch dates in Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Calgary. More details to come soon, and hopefully more cities to add to the tour!

Over the last couple months I’ve been working on some gaming setting pitches for an open call. I narrowed those down to one I liked best, and sent it off. I also ended up doing a proofread for my story “All and Nothing” and finally getting a chapter of An Excuse for Whiskey to Sandra.

And for April:

  • Finish a new comic script
  • Get Midnight Man Magazine assembled for Prairie Comics Festival in May