A Couple Fun Things

A couple fun little bits of promo material happened to cross my desk at the same time yesterday, so I thought I’d post the links here too.

I wrote up a guest blog for the publishers of the Thunder Road series where I talk about my “writing studio.” I give a little tour of where and how I write.

It took me a moment to decide exactly what I should call my “studio.” I can—and do—write pretty much anywhere and everywhere. I write on the bus to work, on my coffee and lunch breaks. I’ve dictated scenes into my phone while on the road, edited on planes and in hotels on my way to, from, and during, conferences. I’ve transcribed notes on the couch while watching D&D livestreams and cartoons. Pretty much wherever I can steal a moment and a scrap of paper and pen is fair game to make some new words or fix some old ones. All that said, my home office is still where I call my writing home.

And, an interview I gave with Kelsey James with CanStar News to promote When the Sky Comes Looking for You is out in the world now, where I talk about about my love of fantasy and how I ended up as a fan of Norse Mythology.

“What I like about fantasy, as a writer, is it allows you to do anything,” Ginther said.

Thanks for hosting me, and thank you for reading!