2016 Appearances

Chiaroscuro Reading Series (Winnipeg) January 6th, 2016 7pm. McNally Robinson Grant Park in the Atrium. Featuring readings from Shen Braun, David J. Fortier, and Patrick Johanneson. Hosted by SM Beiko.

St. Valentine’s Horror Con (Winnipeg) February 13th-14th.

My Roundup of Horror Con

Chiaroscuro Reading Series (Winnipeg) April 6th, 2016. McNally Robinson Grant Park. Readers Sierra Dean, Melinda Friesen, Clare C. Marshall. Hosted by Chadwick Ginther.

Ad Astra 2016 (Toronto, ON) April 29th-May 1st.

ChiSeries (Ottawa, ON) May 3rd. I’ll be reading with Mark Shainblum and Matt Cahill.

Creative Ink Festival (Burnaby, B.C.) May 6th-8th.

My Roundup of Ad Astra, ChiSeries Ottawa, and Creative Ink

Chiaroscuro Reading Series (Winnipeg) July 6th, 7pm McNally Robinson Grant Park in the atrium. Featuring Matt Cahill and David Neil Lee reading and joined in conversation by Chadwick Ginther and S.M. Beiko.

Prairie Comics Festival (Winnipeg) July 30th, 10:30am-5pm, Millennium Library in the Carol Shields Auditorium.

My Roundup of Prairie Comics Festival

Chiaroscuro Reading Series (Winnipeg) August 10th, 7pm McNally Robinson Grant Park. A special reading event spotlighting TESSERACTS NINETEEN: SUPERHERO UNIVERSE featuring Chadwick Ginther, Corey Redekop, and David Perlmutter. Hosted by S.M. Beiko.

When Words Collide 2016 (Calgary, AB) August 12-14th.

My Roundup of When Words Collide 2016

Saskatchewan Entertainment Expo (Saskatoon, SK) September 17-18th

My Roundup of Sask Expo

THIN AIR (Winnipeg) September 24th 7:30pm, Manitoba Theatre for Young People, Shaw Performing Arts Centre The Forks

Central Canada Comic Con 2016 (Winnipeg) October 28th-30th.