Thunder RoadRavenstone Books (September 2012)

Tombstone Blues, Ravenstone Books (October 2013)

Too Far Gone, Ravenstone Books (September 2015)

Wolf and Wing: A Thunder Road Collection, Mythic Fiction (October 2017)

Graveyard Mind, ChiZine Publications (July 2018)

When the Sky Comes Looking for You, Ravenstone Books (October 2022)

Anthologies/Short Stories:

“The Empress of Marshmallow,” Pirating Pups: Salty Sea-Dogs and Barking Buccaneers, Tyche Books, Rhonda Parrish, editor, August 2022.

“Lurkers in the Leaves,” Alternate Plains, Enfield & Wizenty, Darren Ridgley & Adam Petrash, editors, October 2021.

“Midnight Man versus Carrie Cthulhu,” Water: Selkies, Sirens, & Sea Monsters, Tyche Books, Rhonda Parrish, editor, August 2021.

“‘Til Death is Done,” Arcana, Poise and Pen Press, Rhonda Parrish, editor, May 2021.

“Golden Goose,” Air: Sylphs, Spirits, & Swan Maidens, Tyche Books, Rhonda Parrish, editor, August 2020.

“All Cats Go to Valhalla,” Swashbuckling Cats: Nine Lives on the Seven Seas, Tyche Books, Rhonda Parrish, editor, May 2020.

“Cheating the Devil at Solitaire,” On Spec # 112, November 2019.

“The Enforcer,” Earth: Giants, Golems, & Gargoyles, Tyche Books, Rhonda Parrish, editor, August 2019

“None of Your Flesh and Blood,” Over the Rainbow: Folk and Fairy Tales from the Margins, Exile Editions, Derek Newman-Stille, editor, December 2018

“Midnight Man versus Frankie Flame,” Fire: Demons, Dragons, & Djinns, Tyche Books, Rhonda Parrish, editor, August 2018

“Eating of the Tree,” Parallel Prairies, Adam Petrash and Darren Ridgley, editors, October 2018

All and Nothing,” Abyss & Apex, April 2018, reprinted in Best of Abyss & Apex: Volume 3

“Murder Mystery,” Wolf and Wing: A Thunder Road Collection, Mythic Fiction, October 2017

“On the Hunt,” Wolf and Wing: A Thunder Road Collection, Mythic Fiction, October 2017

“Scatter the Foals to the Wind,” Equus, World Weaver Press, Rhonda Parrish, editor. August 2017

“A Door in the Rock,” Those Who Make Us: Canadian Creature, Myth, and Monster Stories, Exile Editions, Kelsi Morris and Kaitlin Tremblay, editors. November 2016

“Red,” Shared World Volume 2, October 2016, reprinted in Swords & Sorceries: Tales of Heroic Fantasy, Parallel Universe Press, October 2020

“Midnight Man versus Doctor Death,” Tesseracts Nineteen: Superhero UniverseEDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy, Claude Lalumière & Mark Shainblum, editors. March 2016

“When the Gods Send You Rats,” Shared World, October 2016

“The Last Good Look,” The Exile Book of New Canadian Noir, Exile Editions, Claude Lalumière and David Nickle, editors. March 2015

“A Taste of the Other Side,” The Beast Within 4: Gears and Growls, Graveside Tales, Jennifer Brozek, editor. October 2014

New Year’s Eve,” Ravenstone Books, January 2014.

“Runt of the Litter,” On Spec Spring 2014. 

“First They Came for the Pigs,” FungiInnsmouth Free Press, Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Orrin Grey, editors. December 2012 (reprinted in Grimdark Magazine issue 5, September 2015)

“Back in Black,” Tesseracts 16: Parnassus UnboundEDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy, Mark Leslie, editor. September 2012

“First Light”, On Spec Summer 2011.


“The Great Martian Train Robbery” in Spacepig Hamadeus and the Captive Planet, art by Nyco Rudulph, October 2016

Mythfits #1, created by Chadwick Ginther and Samantha Beiko, October 2016

Midnight Man Magazine #1, May 2018.

Selected Reviews/Articles/Interviews

A Review of Owen Lukkanen’s The Professionals, Quill and Quire, May 2012

A Review of Derek Lundy’s Borderlands: Riding the Edge of America, Quill and Quire, July 2010

A Review of John McFetridge’s Swap, Quill and Quire, October 2009

A Review of Linda L. Richards’ Death Was in the Picture, Quill and Quire, March 2009

A Review of C.C. Humphrey’s Vlad: The Last Confession, Quill and Quire, December 2008

4 thoughts on “Works

  1. Loved thunder road. Picturesque and to the point. Exciting and adventuresome. But what is the title of the next installment of the trilogy. If you are working on the the third, where is the second.
    I haven’t been this excited about a series in a very long time.
    Please continue and wish only the best for you.

  2. Hi Chadwick loved the first two books of the trilogy and can’t wait to read the last one!!! Any chance it is coming out shortly? I kind of need my fix 🙂

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