Tombstone Blues


After beating back the might of Surtur, Ted Callan is getting used to his immortal powers. The man who once would stop at nothing to rid himself of his tattoos and their power might even be said to be enjoying his new-found abilities.

However, not everyone is happy the glory of Valhalla has risen from the ashes of

Ragnarök. With every crash of

Mjölnir, Thor, former god of thunder, rages in Niflheim, the land of the dead.

Now that Ted’s woken the dead, there’s going to be hell to pay.


Shortlisted for The Prix Aurora Award for Best Novel, and the Carol Shields Winnipeg Book Award.

The Winnipeg Free Press “Ginther’s mythos, bringing Norse gods and magical creatures within Manitoba’s borders, is complexly woven…all allow the reader to imagine the gods are indeed alive and well in Manitoba.”

Corey Redekop (author of Husk) “In one paragraph (and some exceedingly bloody follow-ups), Chadwick Ginther demolishes every Rankin/Bass-centric belief I’ve ever had about elves.”

Speculating Canada “Power without knowledge and thoughts about consequences is a feature of many of the heroes our society manufactures, but in Tombstone Blues, Chadwick Ginther forces Ted to face responsibility for his acts, to question and debate his belief in his own moral rightness and question what may happen if he makes the wrong choice.”

Canadian Science Fiction Review “The pitfalls facing the middle volumes of trilogies are many. They’ve got to deliver the same pleasures as the opening volume without feeling like a retread, and they have to point the way forward without seeming like filler that’s just marking time until we get to the main attraction. I’m pleased to report that Tombstone Blues, Chadwick Ginther’s follow-up to the Aurora-nominated Thunder Road, manages to avoid those traps.”






Personalized copies are always available if you call ahead to McNally Robinson Booksellers or the University of Manitoba Bookstore.

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