Too Far Gone


Ted Callan, war herald of the Nine Worlds, must build a cage from Surtur’s bones, unearth the Bright Sword, and vanquish the fire giant once and for all.

But there’s a catch.


Ted needs Surtur’s bones to build the cage, to get the sword, to kill the giant. And Surtur is very attached to his bones.

Enlisting Manitoba’s giants, dwarves, and elves to watch over Winnipeg, Ted takes advantage of a lull in Surtur’s fires to hitch a ride back to Edmonton for his best friend’s wedding and search for answers. While he’s there he tries to mend fences with family and friends, dodges a legion of Surtur fanatics intent on setting the giant free, and learns he has three days left to live. Without Loki or the Norns to help, he won’t solve the riddle and see another day.


It’s the end of the world as Ted knows it—time to face his doom.

Shortlisted for the Prix Aurora Award for Best Novel.

Shortlisted for the Mary Scorer Award for Best Book by a Manitoba Publisher

Shortlisted for the Michael Van Rooy Award for Genre Fiction

Praise for Too Far Gone:

Too Far Gone was named one of The 49th Shelf Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2015!

“Ted Callan is that great creation—the hero who struggles as much against himself as his enemies. Yes, he can be a jerk. To his family. To his friends. But with the end of the world coming? Ted’s the guy I’d want in my corner. Real, gritty, and bursting with action as well as fantastic characters, TOO FAR GONE is a triumph!”

Julie E. Czerneda, author of The Clan Chronicles series

“Don’t miss this series! Chadwick Ginther is a compelling voice in urban fantasy.” — New York Times bestselling author, Ann Aguirre

“A master fantasy/noir storyteller…a deliciously destructive prairie romp,” The Winnipeg Free Press

A Winnipeg Free Press favourite read of 2015.

“Myth and real life collide to remake ideas of what is normal, comfortable, and taken-for-granted.” Speculating Canada

“The final showdown is Epic with a capital E.” AE The Canadian Science Fiction Review




Personalized copies are always available if you call ahead to McNally Robinson Booksellers or the University of Manitoba Bookstore.

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