When the Sky Comes Looking for You


What do you do after you save the world?

Surtur may have fallen but the creatures of Norse mythology still walk the world of humankind, and some still want it to burn.

Nightmares stalk, dragons devour, and past ravens come home to roost. Tricksters, norns, and giants face off against new heroes and old favourites from the Thunder Road Trilogy. When the Sky Comes Looking for You expands the world of Thunder Road, collecting ten magic and myth filled tales, including the Prix Aurora Award winning “All Cats Go to Valhalla” and three new stories from acclaimed author Chadwick Ginther.

Welcome to the next trip down the Thunder Road.

Contains the stories: All Cats Go to Valhalla, A Door in the Rock, Murder Mystery, Runt of the Litter, Eating of the Tree, Ballroom Blitz, Scatter the Foals to the Wind, Far Gone and Out, Golden Goose, No Sunshine in Hel.

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Signed copies are usually available if you call ahead to McNally Robinson Booksellers or the University of Manitoba Bookstore.