Music Monday: “How Blue Can You Get” By B.B. King

I was saddened to hear of B.B. King’s passing recently. Along with Muddy Waters’ “Mannish Boy” appearing in Better Off Dead, and The Blues Brothers on Saturday Night Live, King was one of my gateways to the blues. I first heard him play on “When Love Comes to Town” on U2’s Rattle and Hum back when I couldn’t stand U2 (I’ve since come around a little, but not much), and thinking, what the hell is that? Why do I like this song? It was all King. There was this growling bombast to his voice that completely drowned out Bono. I’d actually signed up for the Columbia House albatross again to order as much blues as I could, as cheaply as possible, and Best of B.B. King was one of the first blues albums I bought.

I’ve been down hearted baby
ever since the day we met
I said I’ve been down hearted baby
ever since the day we met
our love is nothing but the blues, woman
baby, how blue can you get?

Considering it’s the May long weekend, and we had snow in Winnipeg last night, I think the blues are entirely appropriate today. Rest in peace, sir.

Write on.