Music Monday: “Black Shuck” By The Darkness

The opening guitar riff of this one is so good. If I ever give up writing and take up professional wrestling, I want it to be my intro. I can already smell the pyro.

John Oliver FIRE

“Black Shuck” is one of those songs, that when it comes on, I’m never satisfied with listening just once. Also, mythological monster references FTW. Whether I’m walking or driving, this song always makes me kick up the pace.

And the volume.

In a town in the east
The parishioners were visited upon
By a curious beast
And his eyes numbered but one and shone like the sun
And a glance beckoned the immediate loss
Of a cherished one
It was the coming of the

(Black Shuck) Black Shuck
(Black Shuck) Black Shuck
(Black Shuck) That dog don’t give a fuck

Write on!