Music Monday: “Fashion” By David Bowie

I attended the Manitoba Book Awards Gala on Saturday. This year the festivities were held in the Skyview Ballroom of the historic Marlborough Hotel. I usually dress up for these sorts of affairs, anything to get to play the dandy, but this year the awards had a theme: Roar Back to the 20s. So folks were a little fancier than normal. Which suited me just fine.

Most of my outfit was cobbled together from things I already own, but I did purchase a new hat just for the evening (the ascot I found at Ad Astra, but it was earmarked for the book awards), and spent much of the week trying to decide how costume-y I wanted to take my outfit. I even sat through some of The Great Gatsby (more shocking, I managed not to call everybody “old sport” all night).

Dandy Chad

Photo by Samantha Beiko (shitty processing via me and Instagram).

Anyway, Congratulations to all the award recipients and nominees. It was a fun (if oppressively hot–why, oh why did I choose to wear a vest with my suit?) evening.

So, where else would my mind go after a week of sartorial thoughts but to David Bowie?

Fashion isn’t my favourite David Bowie song, but hey, pretty much any Bowie is better than no Bowie, amiright?

Listen to me – don’t listen to me
Talk to me – don’t talk to me
Dance with me – don’t dance with me, no

Write on!