Music Monday: “Head On” By The Pixies

I can’t believe it took me this long to post about a Pixies song. I’m also surprised it was one of their covers that got the nod. I was head down for most of my weekend on revisions, but there was something in the beat of “Head On” that kept me on topic.

I probably owe interest in the Pixies to Dungeons and Dragons, and Pump up the Volume. D&D because, hey, a band named after a monster, their records might be worth XP, and because Wave of Mutilation (U.K. Surf) was on the Pump up the Volume soundtrack (TALK HARD). Of course, when I tried to hunt down a Pixies album, Radio Shack (there was no other place to buy CDs in my home then, and I was too young to drive elsewhere) said there was no such band.

Thanks for that.

I had this bad boy on repeat my entire way to work.

Yeah, the world could die in pain
And I wouldn’t feel no shame
And there’s nothing holding me to blame
Makes you wanna feel
Makes you wanna try
Makes you wanna blow the stars from the sky
And I’m taking myself to a dirty part of town
Where all my troubles can’t be found

Think I’ll give it another spin.

Write on!