Music Monday: “Hex” By Neko Case

I love music, even if I’m terrible at playing instruments (and the less said about the one time I went to karaoke, the better). I write to music. I make soundtracks for my stories. I almost always have music on somewhere in the background. I think I’m going to kick off a new–hopefully regular–post here, where I talk a bit about whatever my latest earworm is.

So here’s my first kick at the can: Neko Case’s Hex.

It’s very likely that you’ll see a lot of Neko Case turning up on Mondays; I love pretty much everything Neko Case has released. Hex is one of those songs that when my randomizer spins it out, I end up playing over and over several times. There’s been more than a few bus rides to work where this is the only song I’ve listened to. It had been a while since it turned up, but it did yesterday, and now its all I want to listen to.

Hex elbowed its way onto my soundtrack for Too Far Gone. It wasn’t there during the first draft, but I definitely feel that the frequency I was listening to it while I was revising influenced the tone of the story.

The bit of the song that always sticks with me:

When the stars in the sky begin to fade
Do you tell yourself, don’t be afraid
It’s just the night
That’s dying

Love it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go hit play, one more time.

Write on!