Music Monday: Until Morale Improves the Beatings Will Continue by Murder By Death

It’s been a while since I’ve made a Music Monday post, but as Winnipeg enters another lockdown, I couldn’t help but get this old favourite stuck in my head. Stay safe, friends!

“ninety days of sweat and dirt feels like one night when you’ve got nothing left
till there’s nothing left to do but die

buckshot is my bread and I’ll drink whiskey instead of water cause I can’t stand to be sober in this place

your hands on my face every step of the way tryin’ to peel away the pain”

Music Monday: “Locked in the Trunk of a Car” By Murder By Death

My favourite band released a couple albums of cover songs and among those truly excellent covers was one of my favourite songs from my high school days. The more I think on it, the more Tragically Hip songs come to mind that I’d love to hear Murder By Death take a run at recording (38 Years Old, Cordelia, Boots and Hearts, Long Time Running, Highway Girl, I’m looking at you). It’s a shame I can hear them in my head, but I’ll probably never get to listen to them.

In the meantime, enjoy one you can listen to!

Morning broke out the back side of a truck stop
End of a line, a real rainbow likening luck stop
Where you could say I became chronologically fucked up
Put ten bucks in just to get the tank topped off

Then I found a place, it’s dark and it’s rotted
It’s a cool, sweet kind of place where the copters won’t spot it
And I destroyed the map, I even thought I forgot it
However, every day I’m dumping the body

(For the record: I’ve always wondered if it’s more creepy that every day the narrator is dumping THE body, than if every day he’d been dumping A body)

Write on!

Music Monday: “Comin’ Home” By Murder By Death

This song was always going to be Chapter One of Too Far Gone. Years ago, Murder By Death did the seemingly impossible: They dethroned The Reverend Horton Heat as my favourite opening act discovery. They kicked off their set by saying, “First we’re gonna do a song about drinkin’, then we’re gonna do a song about revenge, then we’re gonna do a song about drinkin’ and revenge.”

As long as I’ve been thinking about the final book in my trilogy, this song captured how I wanted to kick it off.

I’m ridin’ out the wind, I’m comin’ home
It don’t matter where I’ve been, I’m comin’ home
Crawlin’ on all fours, I’m comin’ home
Turnin’ brick walls into doors, I’m comin’ home

Write on!