Thor’s Day Guest Post on As You Were

I’m hanging my hat over on David Jón Fuller’s blog As You Were today, talking about writing, music and how they came together in the creation of Thunder Road. Metal, Myth, Monsters; that’s what David promises on his blog, so if you read and enjoy my post, stick around and see what he’s up to, you won’t be disappointed.

Ragnarök and Roll: The Music of Thunder Road


Parnassus Unbound

I’ve been hanging on to this news for a while now, but Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy has a listing of the contributors for Tesseracts 16: Parnassus Unbound here, so now you get to know too:

I’m in!

Editor Mark Leslie bought my story “Back in Black.” Parnassus Unbound is speculative fiction inspired by literature, music, art and culture. I rolled the dice hoping Mark wouldn’t be put off by a story about an obsessed AC/DC collector. It’s a story I had been looking for an excuse to write for a long time, so thank you Mark and Edge, for the opportunity.

I’ve also wanted to land a story in Tesseracts for as long as I’ve been writing. This is definitely a milestone I had set for myself. What makes the news even sweeter is that I get to share a table of contents with so many friends I’ve made over the last several years.

Write on!