Brandon Bound!

I’m off to my old stomping grounds of Brandon, Manitoba today to join fellow Manitoba fantasy and science fiction writers Shen Braun, Patrick Johanneson, and Craig Russell in what is shaping up to be a really fun event.

We’ll be reading from our work (some published, some you won’t see anywhere else–at least not yet) at 2:00 PM and there will be snacks and limited edition chapbooks! The BU bookstore will be on hand selling copies of Thunder Road, Black Bottle Man, and Tesseracts 14, 15, 16. Come by Brandon University and join us! We’ll be in the Elephant Room (top floor of the Brandon University Students’ Union building). There’s an elevator if you go in the side (north) door, or you can climb the stairs if you go in the front (east) door. Parking on campus is free on the weekend, so you don’t need to feed the meters.

It’s been too long since I’ve been back to Brandon, another commitment kept me from attending this year’s PrairieCon out west, so I’m hoping to see some of my gaming pals out today. If you catch me inexplicably playing Rock-Paper-Scissors in a corner somewhere, it’s probably part of a Vampire the Masquerade grudge match from 1996. Move along, nothing to see here.

Write on!

Lurching Home From Brandon

Home from Brandon now, and I had a blast attending Corey Redekop’s reading of Husk at the Evans Theatre. I tagged along with Corey and THIN AIR GM, Perry Grosshans, for the drive out. It was cool to see a bunch of my Prairiecon gaming buddies come out for the event, and to see Brandon SF writer Patrick Johanneson on his home turf. A great (and also gross) reading from the book preceded a brief Q&A, and then Corey signed a bunch of books.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Husk, AKA the Great Canadian Gay Mennonite Zombie novel, here’s the book trailer:

After the signing, the Evans Theatre screened the new Canadian Zombie Comedy (don’t call it a Zomedy, PLEASE) A Little Bit Zombie. The movie was a riot, the cast was great, and the audience was laughing out loud. I’ll definitely watch the flick again, as there were a bunch of jokes I’m sure I missed in that laughter. Also, if I ever see a can of Tactical Bacon at Safeway, I’ll be buying it.

Check out the trailer for A Little Bit Zombie:

Thanks Perry and Corey, for letting me join you for the ride out, and thanks to writing chum, Shen Braun, for letting me crash at your house, without your generosity, I probably would have missed an awesome event.