Another Sale!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Good Friday got off to a great start as a woke up to a contract in my Inbox from Innsmouth Free Press for my Sword and Fungus (like Sword and Sorcery, but with mushrooms) yarn “First They Came for the Pigs”. I wrote the story on spec for the Fungi anthology edited by Orrin Grey and Silvia Moreno-Garcia.

“First They Came for the Pigs” will be lurking beneath this awesome cover by Oliver Wetter. Also cool: Molly Tanzer and Jesse Bullington–two amazing writers–co-wrote and sold a story for Fungi. I’m quite chuffed about sharing a Table of Contents with them. As soon as the editors release the complete TOC, I’ll be sure to post it here (I mean come on, that’s like the easiest blog post EVAR).

2012 is shaping up to be a pretty solid year so far; two short story sales (both succeeding first time out of the gate, I might add), four reviews for Quill and Quire and a number of other things down the pipe I can’t quite talk about yet. And of course, Thunder Road lands in the fall.